Book author Stuart Alve Olson

This is an excellent read for any would be martial artist or even if you have only a little interest in the martial arts. The chapters in this Tai Chi book are grouped into various short but extremely humorous stories of this Tai Chi legend; that really show the human side to Master Liang’s lovely nature.  The book Details the many famous teachers of the master, with very interesting tips and principles to guide a student in training.

The author was very privileged to be a long time live in student of this very famous Tai Chi Master. At times living with the master must have proved very frustrating but the way that Master Liang passed on his enormous knowledge was always with love and humour; never taking life too seriously, but always passing on a really important message for life’s bumpy journey.

Master Liang achieved his personal goal of living to more than 100 years of age.   Ravaged by illness and disease through heavy drinking and high living in his youth; Master Liang accumulated great wealth in his position as the second highest ranking officer in the British Customs. Born in abject poverty in Taiwan this was no mean feat in itself.  After taking up Tai Chi his illness soon went into remission, he began to achieve fantastic health and vitality. This changed the master’s perception on how to live life.

If you read this great master’s Curriculum Vitae, It reads like a who’s, who of the martial arts world. Liang was the Chief and First Disciple of the great Tai Chi Master, Professor Cheng Man Ch’ing for a period of more than twenty years.  Although their relationship had its fair share of problems they both had enormous admiration and respect for each other.  This book describes in some detail the events of Liang’s rigorous training with Master Cheng Man Ch’ing and the sad event that led to their split from each other.

During the 1960’s Master Liang retired from his position in the British customs and emigrated to the USA to teach Tai Chi, which at this time was considered a very lowly profession.

Master Liang had his own thoughts and principles on teaching the art which he included in his 150 posture Tai Chi dance and 78 posture two person dance – the way that he personally expressed his great genius.  Also presented in this book are his 10 guiding principles, which he thought to be very important to personal development in the art.

The Master was known for playing pranks and having a razor sharp sense of humour which really comes across in this very engrossing book. You will not fail to be moved.

Please enjoy your read!

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