We all take breathing for granted; it is obviously something that we must do to sustain life. It is as natural to us as life and death itself; or is it? Chi breathing will help us to breath correctly from the abdomen.

Chi Breathing

Take time out for Chi Breathing

How many of us actually take time out to think about how we breath and what correct Chi breathing can actually do for us. If you practise a Tai Chi set it is a very effective way to encourage correct breathing naturally.
When we breath correctly the whole diaphragm is fully engaged which will help us to fully use all our lungs. Learning to breath correctly is a must for us all, if we want to be fit and healthy.
Most western people tend to breath too shallow; this starves the body of essential oxygen needed for vital cell rejuvenation. Often we only use a small section of our lungs which over time will gradually deplete our body of essential energy.
Chi Breathing  for health and vitality
Correct abdominal breathing will help you in times of anger or in stressful situations, even when you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep. Without your body being able to relax fully the central nervous system will become overloaded and the fight or flight response will take prominence. This then encourages your body to release stress hormones, which over time will tend to deplete your central nervous system. Because of this, tension is lodged in the body, potentially causing long term illness and disease.
Another common problem is that when we are placed in a highly stressful or fearful environment, we tend to hold our breath and breathe even shallower than is normal, even for us; causing our body to become even more lethargic. The tension is held most commonly in our stomach, shoulders and jaws.
Simple breathing exercise 1
When you are next time working at the computer or whilst doing your daily work, spend a short while, placing your minds attention to your lower belly area.
Be aware of your breath, but let it happen naturally. Please do not force it. In the beginning you may find that that your breathing may stop for a while and that you are breathing very shallow; breathing mainly into the upper part of your chest. But with some practice your breathing will deepen and your lower belly will start to engage and expand more. This is an extremely effective way to breath.
Simple breathing exercise 2
5-10 minutes daily breathing practise
Sitting in an upright chair with your back up straight and chin tucked in. Holding your head up straight, with your crown pulled upwards. Sitting forward slightly, placing your legs and feet on the ground shoulder width apart. Please ensure that your posture is nice and even and that your shoulders are relaxed.
Cup your right palm over your left and place your palms onto your lower belly area. Ensure that your armpits are open and your arms are held in a rounded position. If you are a lady place the left palm over the right.
Put your attention onto your lower belly area. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do not hold your breathe, just let it happen. Count one and breath in, then count one and breath out.
Continue until you reach the count of ten and return to one again. If you lose count or focus, please return to one again and continue. You can keep your eyes open or closed for this exercise. After some practice your whole body will become much more relaxed and your breathing will deepen into your lower belly area. This is really effective for chi breathing.

What does breathing correctly do for me?
·         It gently massages your internal organs – liver, spleen, kidneys and heart.
·         Fully oxygenates your whole body.
·         Relaxes your body to prevent the stress fight flight response.
·         Encourages your body internal organ fluids – helping to prevent disease.
·         Encourages the diaphragm to become fully engaged, which helps the air in and out of your lungs.
·         Strengthens your chi.
·         Helps oxygen enter all your cells.
·         Helps your body to rest and recover from it’s over exertions more rapidly.
·         Helps to keep you healthy and disease free.
·         Discourages the stress fight flight response.
The next time that you are sitting at a computer or are placed in a stressful situation, consider your breathing and what influence it has on the whole of your body. Chi breathing can become part of your daily life, to fully invigorate your mind and body.

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