On the 27thJanuary 2012, I visited Roebuck nursing home in Stevenage. I went through a range of chair exercises with the residents. All the exercises were done with the intention of relaxing through the whole body to achieve a good stretch with each movement. The aim of this is to increase the ROM within joints, working at a very deep tendon level. As we get older it is very easy to lose our elasticity within our joints and for them to become rigid. It is really important for us to just keep moving.

Chair Exercises at Roebuck Nursing Home
Chair Exercises at Roebuck Nursing Home

We began by just watching our breath to help get us in the zone. This helped to calm our mind and body to give us focus. We then worked down through the whole body, through the shoulders, arms and even into our into ankles and legs. We did a number of controlled stretching movements by using our intention with our breath. The breathing was kept very natural and not forced. This is really important as it helps with each exercise. This helped us to gain the maximum benefit from each movement. By using the mind the movement becomes so much more powerful. The exercises were done very slowly which helps to gain even more benefit from the exercise. Controlled was the order of the day.

We ended with a quiet meditation to help calm our mind and body back down after the exercises.  After this we all had some welcome tea and cake to Finnish (yummy!).

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