Chi Kung Exercise

Marco Mureno had an appalling condition where he could not sleep for a whole year. He did not realise about the benefits of Chi Kung exercise and Acupuncture at this point. As this could have helped to resolve his desperate problem.

Just imagine what this would be like for one second, it cost him his relationship with his girlfriend, his Marketing degree course and nearly his sanity.

His whole personality changed through lack of sleep, he became grumpy, snappy and walked around in a zombie like state for most of the day. Not only did his personality change, but he did not look and feel well.

After several weeks he was unable to do his job, so was forced to resign. Due to taking out his frustration on an innocent passerby in the street and going into an uncontrollable rage Marco visited his doctor. The GP prescribed medication to help with sleeping. Marco was against taking medication but was desperate.

Marco did manage to sleep but it was a deep drug like stupor which caused even more anxiety. Marco’s social life become non-existent and he could not hold down a normal relationship because of sleeping all day. He even tried natural remedies to help with sleep, but nothing worked.

After visiting the Innersound Centre in London where Qi masters work; Marco had an Acupressure session. He did not take any medication after the treatment and went to bed early. He had the most relaxing, wonderful night’s sleep and awoke at 7.30 in the morning. This had not happened in the last two years.

He then signed up for healing and Chi Kung Exercise and now has become a Qi master in his own right. Marco helps other people that suffer from the same condition. He now will never take a good night’s sleep for granted ever again.

This lovely little story shows the powerful healing effects of the mysterious and wonderful art of Qigong and how effectively Chi Kung exercise can change your whole life.

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