Listening to your stress needs through our gentle Counselling approach 

Our stillness and exercise program is an effective gentle way to help you, the busy professional, draw your own conclusions to make effective changes in your hectic life. As busy professionals we all have stress at times in our work life or at home, which can result in illness, anxiety or depression. We are both able to listen to your concerns and needs. Gary has a Counselling Certificate, so his gentle professional manner will put you instantly at ease.

We will not give our own thoughts, opinions or advice, but listen very carefully to what you have to say and help you to make a positive change in your life.

Everything that we discuss is in the strictest confidence so that you can feel safe to be able to put your trust in us. We can provide this service for you, either on line or face to face. 

We can talk generally and then run through specific stillness and movement exercises together. 

Our stillness and exercise program can help the following areas of your life: -

  • - Your relationships
  • - Your health
  • - Your Work
  • - Childhood
  • - Past or present life events
  • - Your feelings, thoughts and emotions
  • - Your behaviour
  • - Situations you are struggling with


We will listen to you and will not judge you, our aim is to help you come to terms with the problem area in your life and make an effective change.