iftikhar-shah-Wg0zym932qE-unsplashGary and Janet meet a lot of people during the course of their work that are either ill, have an injury or are just mentally and physically broken. Gary has undertaken an intensive Christian course at the Bedford Arms Church in Training in Supernatural Ministries. TSM School has students and graduates all over the UK and abroad and is widely respected for its training.

Modern life is stressful and can create a lot of stress and anxiety which can account for many medical conditions. We see today in society more people young and old alike with mental illness than at any time in history. God can
bring a peace that cannot be described but is supernatural in its nature. Through this peace a supernatural healing can take place. Gary and Janet have witnessed many people set free and healed through meeting Jesus.

Gary and Janet believe in the Trinity of God that is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The freedom that Jesus brings to people when they meet his spirit is absolutely amazing. God heals today the same as he did in the Bible 2,000 years
ago. The fantastic healings and miracles in the book of Acts or in the Gospels are still happening today as they did back then. No matter what your condition or problem God can make breakthroughs that sometimes even medicine cannot. Healing also can assist current medical treatment or act as a healing in its own
right. It can even assist counselling. Never come off your medicine without medical advice and always seek medical advice if you think you are healed from a serious medical condition.

The appointment usually lasts between 30 mins to an hour in duration. Questions will be asked about why you want healing. Sometimes it may take only one session or a series of sessions. Whilst there can be no guarantee for
healing God does amazing things in people’s lives, that are beyond our understanding.

There is absolutely NO COST FOR HEALING as Gary and Janet believe in
offering this service to the public as Christian believers who follow Jesus.