Runners Knee (Patello-Femoral Syndrome)

If you have persistent pain to the front and the sides or under your kneecap you may have a condition known as runners knee (patella-femoral syndrome). As your kneecap tracks across the femur it can become displaced. Activities such as running, walking up-stairs can cause pain on the sides or beneath your kneecap. A dull ache can occur, even when you are getting out of your chair or when you bend down. You may even have inflammation present and be experiencing clicking or crunching around your knee, which is known as crepitus.

Main Cause of persistent knee pain

A condition known as excessive pronation can be a significant cause of patella-femoral syndrome or be the main reason why you may have persistent knee pain. Pronation is caused by the foot and ankle rolling inwards. This causes the lower leg (tibia) to internally rotate, which then displaces the knee. This really only becomes a problem when the rolling inwards becomes excessive. Activities that are high impact will make your condition worse. Because your knee may not glide smoothly this can cause pain and swelling under your kneecap. The cartridge can then become damaged as the knee should glide smoothly over the femur (upper leg). Your quadriceps may become fatigued which will displace your knee still further.

If your knee condition worsens it is important to arrange an appointment with a qualified medical professional such as a Podiatrist.

Home Treatment for runners knee

  • RICE – rest, ice compression and elevate will help to relieve your symptoms.
  • Anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling and for pain management.
  • Correct footwear for your chosen activity, especially if you’re sporting activity is very high impact. The footwear should be well padded.
  • Home strengthening program for VMO, hamstrings and quadriceps (can be advised by your podiatrist).
  • Temporary orthotics to control your pronation and re-balance your body.

Professional Treatment for runners knee

  • Prescription orthoses for better control of your pronation.
  • Podiatric treatments to reduce swelling and re-balance soft tissue structures.
  • Podiatric Acupuncture for pain relief and a holistic approach to healing.
  • Advice on strengthening program for VMO, hamstrings and quadriceps.
  • Low level laser to improve overall healing, pain management and reduce swelling.

It is really important that if you are a runner that you should change your activity when your pain is at it’s worse to a less load bearing one, such as cycling or swimming. Gradually increase your weight bearing activity to slow walking, fast walking and gentle jogging. Then gradually increase the distance that you run. Do not rush your progress and be kind to yourself. Should you have a set back in your training return to a non weight bearing activity again and seek professional help.

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