Liqua Care Insoles

Liqua care insoles are a new concept in Gel insoles, which will improve the blood supply to your feet and lower limbs if you suffer from poor circulation. They distribute the pressure of your biomechanical forces over a large area on your feet.  This helps to enable your body weight to be distributed more evenly, allowing the small muscles to move in your feet. This technology aids your circulation by massaging your feet, in much the same way as Reflexology.

These insoles have been thoroughly tested by a European Professor of Physiology, Podiatrists and accredited companies. They are easily adjusted to fit properly in your shoes and are truly comfortable.

The liquid in the insoles is vibrant and not static, moving with your every step. This ingenious design helps to encourage the venous flow of your lower limbs, which in turn helps to improve circulation. The flow will help to restore comfort to your tired, aching lower limbs and feet. If you stand for a long time the hydrostatic pressure can build up in your veins, which can be the cause of your venous pump not pushing the blood around your body sufficiently.




Key Benefits Include:

  • Improves circulation
  • Very Comfortable
  • Helps with prolonged standing
  • Helps to relieved tired, aching lower limbs and feet
  • Improves venous pump function

Liqua Care Insoles can help to restore comfort to your aching legs and feet. I can confidently recommend them to you as a Podiatrist and Biomechanics specialist, as I have received very positive feedback from my patients. Whether you are a young sports enthusiast or an elderly person that just needs comfort, these insoles can help.

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