Stress Management Your Essential Guide to Coping with ADHD and Childhood Behavioural Problems

Stress Management Your Essential Guide to Coping with ADHD and Childhood Behavioural Problems, is your essential book on helping you and your family to really get to grips with this much misunderstood childhood problem. It is available from Amazon under Childhood Behavioural Problems.

It covers common childhood behavioural problems and ADHD in much detail. The guide provides you and your family with treatments, dietary advice, parenting skills, schooling tips, helpful groups and organisations and much, much, more!

It talks about common medication available, their uses and indications. The book also takes pride in promoting a more holistic approach to help you and your child, which includes Tai Chi, Qigong and mindfulness training as a help to support current medical thinking.

Having a child with ADHD and behavioural problems really impacts on the whole family, this book takes you through step by step and provides clear advice on how not only to cope, but to really move positively forward. The guide will provide practical solutions that really help to build your child’s self esteem. This will give them the coping mechanisms that they need to thrive in life.

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