Pitted Keratolysis not a very nice condition to have.  A skin disorder that affects the pressure bearing areas on the soles and heels of your feet, you can also get it n on the palms of your hands.  It is due to a bacterial infection.

Pitted Keratolysis has had many name changes over the years, but this name has stuck because the condition does look pitted.  Pitted keratolysis occurs worldwide in all types of climates.  It affects men and women of all ages, but it is more common in men, athletes and military people tend to develop the condition more because of unventilated boots causing sweaty feet and also hot, humid weather.


Pitted keratolysis can cause excessive foot odour- really stinky feet. You can get sliminess, some soreness and itching on the soles of your feet.  It can become quite painful when the lesions are present.  The pit like lesions look like white patches of studded pitted areas, that can join together to make a larger crater looking lesion.

Helping the condition

To try to help with the condition of pitted keratolysis you must:

  • Wash your feet in a antibacterial soap or antiseptic cleanser daily
  • Dry your feet thoroughly and do not share towels
  • Change to clean cotton socks daily
  • Try wearing open toe sandals to let the fresh air circulate around your feet
  • Avoid wearing the same shoes every day, try to alternate
  • Try using an anti fungal cream
  • Use potassium permanganate crystals in a daily foot soak
  • Surgical spirit to dry the skin out

Always seek the help and advice from your Podiatrist.

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