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Gary held a talk for Diabetes UK at the St Albans District Hospital in the Post Graduate Centre, on the evening of the 2nd July. With currently 2.9 million people (4%) in the UK have been diagnosed with Diabetes. It is a growing problem with some 850,000 people being estimated to have the condition but are currently undiagnosed or have no confirmed diagnosis. So prompt treatment and diagnosis is essential part of combating this disease.

A common problem with Diabetes is foot ulcers that can lead to gangrene and loss of a limb or even mortality, so again early intervention is very important.

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One way is to off load the feet with prescription orthotics. They help to re-balance the body and cut out the shearing forces during ambulation. Gary went through his Biomechanical diagnosis and explained in some detail how he assesses a patient with gait related problems. This provoked many questions from the participants which Gary did his best to answer in some detail. Gary also demonstrated how he does a computerised Gait Scan and explained what it all means in simple laymen’s terms to the group.

After the Podiatry element Gary explained how regular Tai Chi can help control Type 2 diabetes. He also demonstrated with the aid of his wife Janet, how Tai Chi can re-balance and correct poor body mechanics. It can also work on the interior landscape of the body to repair the body systems. Of course this can take many years of diligent practice under a suitably qualified teacher but the evidence is there for those that are interested. The slow, soft, rhythmic movements re-align and re-balance the body very well. Gary and Janet demonstrated moves together and separate moves from the long form. Again many questions were asked by the group and the feedback has been really excellent. The evening raised £25 for the Garden House Hospice in Letchworth and will be sent to them in due course.

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