Podiatry and Wellbeing talk at Douglas Tilbe House Day Centre


A talk was held for a local Parkinson’s group at Douglas Tilbe House day centre, on the evening of Wednesday 20th February, lasting for one hour duration.

Gary Webb MChS of Podiatry and Wellbeing began the talk on the differences between Chiropodist and Podiatrist, as this is a very common misunderstood area. It is amazing how the public get very confused over this basic question. This then led Gary on to give a brief overview of his role as a Podiatrist and how it fits into the health professions. He covered topics such as ingrown toe nails, fungal nails, laser therapy, biomechanics, orthoses and shoes which provoked a number of very interesting questions from the group. Gary was very happy to answer all the questions in great detail.



Gary then went on on to talk about falls, their causes and prevention. And he then finished by talking about his other passion Taijiquan and Qigong and showed how this has become an integral part of his work as a Podiatrist, who specialises in Biomechanics.  He also managed to demonstrate to the group some of the evidence behind the science and how it could help them personally with their balance and give them much more confidence. Janet, Gary’s wife demonstrated a few of the core movements of the art. The group were very surprised that all the exercises could be done by sitting down as well. Of course, for those more severely affected by the complaint the moves could easily be adapted to suit individual needs.

The evening was rounded of with tea and biscuits and an informal chat. Any money raised from the evening will be donated to the local hospice who do a wonderful job.

Podiatry and Therapies

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