Tai Chi has been shown in a new study to be an effective form of treatment for inner ear problems. These vestibular disorders can cause loss of balance, sickness, vomiting dizziness and even falls. Inner ear problems can be a very debilitating problem for the affected individual.

The study has shown that patients can improve their balance with Tai Chi exercises, which reduces feelings of dizziness and motion sickness. The usual treatment for this would be prescribed medication and eye exercises designed to help patients with vertigo and dizziness. If conventional treatment fails, or as an aid to current medical treatment, the study and past studies have shown that Tai Chi can really reduce the effects of vertigo and dizziness.

In the study 21 volunteers were selected and were engaged in the Tai Chi program for eight weeks. Questionnaires assessed feelings of dizziness and loss of balance. The assessments were carried out before and after the programme concluded. The tests carried out were activities-specific balance confidence scale and dynamic gait index survey.

At the end of the study the group reported an improvement in the symptoms of vertigo and dizziness. The science indicates that Tai Chi can help vestibular disorders, by improving balance and coordination through relaxation rather than using muscular coordination. This is a very encouraging study for those suffering from inner ear related disorders.

Source: American Academy of Otolaryngology

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