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The Internal Way to Build Better Health with Tai Chi Health Benefits

The popularity of Tai Chi has now been spread throughout the world, over the last few decades or so. Tai Chi health benefits are now gained by millions of people all over the globe. This is a wonderful indictment to the art, which is unsurpassed by any other health related activity.

Tai Chi health benefits are a very proactive way to help keep you away from your Doctors surgery. Even if you have got long term health issues you can profit from the gentle flowing movements of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi came from the east, originally developed as an extremely effective martial art for self defence, more than two thousand years ago in China. Once it was realised that Tai Chi promotes excellent health, its popularity grew. In the past Tai Chi was only taught to a select few, but now it is open to everyone. Even if you have not exercised for quite some time or you have some health related issues, regular Tai Chi can really help.

If you are in any doubt consult with your GP before undertaking any exercise regime.

The movements are taught in an extremely relaxed, non combative way as an aid to help any tensions drain away from your body.

Stress reduction

We all tend to lead very busy lifestyles which are packed full of activity and this in itself can be the cause of much tension and anxiety.

In Tai Chi you will learn to internalise all your movements, focusing on moving gently in a flowing way without pausing; from one movement to the next. You will learn to concentrate your mind on your breathing, ensuring that you breath in through your nose and deeply into your lower belly area. This will help to create an atmosphere of deep centred relaxation.

Your troubles outside will soon forgotten and your mind and body will be brought together as one unit for Tai Chi health benefits.


Some Tai Chi Health benefits

The Tai Chi health benefits have been rigorously scientifically tested, with much valuable evidence to back up all the many positive claims. It is very low impact, putting little stress on muscles and joints, which makes it very suitable for the elderly.

Tai Chi health benefits many of the conditions listed below.

  • Hypertension
  • Postural or back related problems
  • Diabetes – type 2
  • Arthritis – osteo or rheumatoid patients
  • Pain management
  • Stress, depression and anxiety
  • Bone loss in menopause
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Falls management in the elderly

If you train in Tai Chi over a long period of time your body will become much more flexible, muscle strength will increase and you will be less susceptible to colds and flu. Your overall body conditioning will improve; leaving you with an increased feeling of being more energised. This will effectively deal with everyday issues that would have caused you much anxiety and stress in the past giving you allthe Tai Chi health benefits.

If you would like further information on the wonderful benefits of regular Tai Chi Chuan practice or more details of our Podiatry and therapies service, please click on this website link provided:- podiatrystevenage.org 

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