Talk for the women's institute at Walkern

Gary gave an interesting talk to the women’s institute at the Walkern Junior school on the evening of Thursday 4th October 2012. The chosen subject was Balance (“Core Tai Chi vs. Orthoses and gait analysis”). Gary was supported by his lovely wife Janet who is a reflexologist and Reiki practitioner. The talk began on the very important topic of falls and their causes. This is a very big problem as we get older resulting in 10% of all falls being hospitalised. Another important figure is that falls can affect a third of all people over 65 and 40% of all people aged over 80.


Gary went on to talk about ways in which falls can be reduced and then talked about the important roll of orthoses in falls prevention and then demonstrated how he assesses gait. This provoked many interesting questions from the audience.

Gary moved onto talking about Tai Chi and Qigong and the numerous positive affects it can have on balance and on improving health in general. He showed two short case studies on Tai Chi to prove the science behind this wonderful art. The case studies were on Parkinson’s and inner ear related problems and their affect on balance, walking and falls. Gary gave a short talk on the history of Tai Chi and then on the benefits of regular training.



Talk on balance (core Tai Chi Vs. orthoses including gait analysis)
Talk on balance (core Tai Chi Vs. orthoses including gait analysis)

Gary’s wife Janet demonstrated some of the basic stances used in Tai Chi and how they can have a really positive impact on improving balance and preventing falls. Primarily the bow stance and the reverse bow stance were shown and then the straight dragon walk. Gary explained why it is important to be drawn up as if suspended from the crown and to have very loose ankles. Gary explained the importance of softening and releasing through the whole body and how the waist is used to develop strong elastic type moves. Janet went on to demonstrate brush knee push and ended up by demonstrating the first part of the long form to great applause. Janet’s moves looked really graceful and were a delight to watch. Again there was another short question and answer session before it was all over.

Everyone really enjoyed the talk especially the Tai Chi element and demonstrations. The evening was rounded off with beautiful cup cakes and a cup of tea. The evening raised £35 which will go to the Letchworth hospice who do a wonderful job in taking care of the sick.

If you would like further information on the wonderful benefits of regular Tai Chi Chuan practice or more details of our Podiatry and therapies service, please click on this website link provided:- 

Gary is available to give talks on Podiatry and Tai Chi to groups and businesses.

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