An article was published in the Daily Telegraph on 9/2/12 and written by Rebecca Smith, which confirms that Tai Chi can help Parkinson patients to walk.

Dr Fuzhong Li, from the Oregon Research Institute confirms that the results are significant as Tai Chi is a low to moderate impact exercise, may be used as an add on to current therapies, to help patients with balance and gain greater stability.

195 patients were randomly selected to either do Tai Chi, resistance training or stretching twice a week for one hour over a period of 24 weeks.


The Tai Chi group performed significantly better in the balance tests and had a longer stride length, which indicated a better walking ability than the other two groups.

The Tai Chi programme developed by Dr Li consisted of six key movements, which concentrated on shifting weight, moving the ankles, and stepping forwards and sideways.

He stated that Tai Chi is a low cost way to improve motor dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease. It does not require equipment and can be done at any time or place. The six key movements can be easily learnt. It can also be incorporated into a rehabilitation programme as part of the treatment. Parts of the exercise can be done at home as a self help guide.

The findings have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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