My mother suffers from very high cholesterol and only found out due to three of her five sisters being diagnosed with the same problem. Two of her sisters have had strokes because of the complaint, which is hereditary. One sister in her 60’s is now in a nursing home due to a very bad stroke.

After a test on her cholestrol my mum was prescribed statins by her GP. The statins Unfortunately affected her heart and virtually all the muscles in her body. She was unable to walk after only a few weeks due to breathlessness and had very severe muscle pain throughout her whole body. Her GP thought that this was acceptable, but after complaining and trying other types of statins with the same result, she was referred to a specialist consultant.

The consultant confirmed that my mother had had a very severe reaction to the medication, which had affected all of her muscles. If she had not stopped taking the medication it would have eventually killed her. There are times when we must argue against conventional medical wisdom and this was one of them. The consultant recommended an alternative but again this caused the same problem.

She read an article on the wonderful affects of tomato puree, which helps to reduce high cholesterol. As she had taken all the prescribed alternatives with the same result, she thought that she had nothing else to lose. Mum mixes a teaspoon of tomato puree with a cup of warm water and has this every morning. After only a couple of months her cholesterol is now totally under control. This is a wonderful natural alternative to statins which I am now using myself as prevention for high cholesterol, which is in my family genes. My mum watches her diet and takes regular daily Tai Chi exercise to help.

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