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We are wellbeing specialists that pride ourselves on being able to help to fully enhance your life; either at work or at home, our classes can help you. Let us take away the strain, at one of our Tai Chi and Qigong classes. Either locally or in the office at work our Tai Chi and Qigong is a really great way to help calm the monkey mind and develop a strong healthy body. This can help you to become not only physically fit but mentally sharp as well. Our approach is to develop change within the individual for self development. So it does not matter if you choose one to one instruction or a general class, we can still help you. It does not even matter if you have not exercised for some time we can still help. Our training can even help support the elite athlete.

If you have stress related issues that you feel would benefit from Stress Management training, we can provide one to one training or group instruction either at work or at home. Our approach is still concentrated on developing the individual fully. You will learn to focus your mind both internally and externally to develop a strong focused approach that can feed into everything that you do.

Our approach helps to promote excellent team bonding in the work place. Our office classes can even be done in your work clothes and during the lunch break. So if you feel that you never have enough time, we can help support you. We also run classes in Tai Chi and Qigong for conferences as a novel to keep you alert and warmed up during a long conference. Sitting for prolonged periods can be very tiring for both mind and body. Our approach is very holistic and will help to make your conference an all round success.


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Private One-to-One Tai Chi and Qigong Lessons

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