The class is divided up into 4 main sections and is usually 1 ½ hours in duration. The sections are preparatory exercises, standing post, form work and push hands. We also include Qigong energy cultivation, basic walks and stance work. This will help to give you a complete mind and body workout. As you progress the syllabus will very gradually expand.

  • You will develop a basic understanding of the many benefits of training in traditional Taijiquan and Qigong
  • an appreciation of three important elements in the practice of Taijiquan:
    – Body – Become aware of your whole body
    – Mind – Let your mind settle and become undisturbed
    – Breath – Let your breath become natural and allow it to slow down
  • You will begin to understand and feel how your body works both internally and externally
  • Learn how to achieve excellent health, fitness, stamina and relaxed strength
Gary - Standing Palms with heel kick on Walton-on-Naze Peer (50th Birthday)
Gary – Standing Palms with heel kick on Walton-on-Naze Peer (50th Birthday)


Preparatory Exercises –

These lovely exercises are for relaxing the mind and body and loosening the limbs

  1. Finger flicks
  2. Foot ankle-rotation
  3. Knee rotation
  4. Holding the moon or salver
  5. Pushing the earth and turning the torso
  6. Pelvic rotation to activate the Dan Tian (small rotations + large rotations)
  7. Golden rooster pecking at food
  8. Squat as if drawing a bow or picking up sticks
  9. Touching the earth and reaching heaven or joining heaven and earth
  10. Snake sits down
  11. Arms spiral backward and forward in bow and arrow stance
  12. Swimming in the air in the bow and arrow stance
  13. Kick up and reach forward  (front kick with toe pointed)
  14. Reach arms with knees
  15. Legs swing loosely  ( side kick with foot flexed)
  16. Awakening the jade pillar

Zhan Zhang – Standing Post

These traditional standing Qigong exercises help to calm the mind, relax the body and develop fitness and concentration. They can be done with both legs or in a more dynamic martial way with single leg standing post.

Qigong Exercises

These lovely soft Qigong exercises will help to give you a wonderful gentle, internal workout

Eight Pieces of Brocade

Dao Yin – Waist Exercises

Hua Shan Health Preservation Exercises

Taiji Qigong aka. Shibashi – Eighteen Movements


The walks such as Straight Dragon Walk help to promote the form work. They are done in a very soft, flowing meditative way to help calm both mind and body.

Empty Hand Forms

Yang Short Form

Yang family long form, consisting of very gentle, soft flowing movements practise.

Yang Fast Set or Small Circle Form.

Weapon forms

Yang Broad Sword Form

Yang Straight Sword Form

Tuishou – Push Hands (Partner Work) 

Single and Double Push Hands