Local Tai Chi and Qigong ClassesProfessional Tai Chi and Qigong Instruction

We can now offer you Professional Tai Chi and Qigong instruction at your work place or at one of our classes, in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. Our experienced teachers can give you their  undivided attention in this complete mind and body health system. The classes will always be friendly and well structured. This will ensure that you gain maximum health benefits from every lesson.

It does not matter if you have not exercised for some time, if you have some health related issues or you are an elite athlete, this superb form of exercise can benefit you immensely.

Tai Chi can work at a very deep tendon level to improve the range of movement within your joints, which can help you to become stronger and more flexible, whatever your age or size. Because the exercises are done slowly they work at a very deep level, helping to  relax and tone the  body. Tai Chi works excellently on the waist separating it from the pelvis. This over time can improve severe lower back problems and repair internally all the body systems.

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